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I’m Traci, a Digital Marketer in Vancouver


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Hello! I’m Traci.

A mother and wife who lives her days to the fullest and believes every woman has a voice that needs to be heard.

I have loved growing the digital agency I co-founded with my husband. Using my unique balance of big picture thinking combined with over the top attention to detail.

Always deciphering out how things work and then strategizing how they could benefit the team and the business.

But I was finding myself craving something more.

Something that was all me.

Something that I had to do all by myself and if I failed or succeeded it was all mine.

No one to blame but myself, good or bad.

So my adventure started with removing myself from the day to day operations of the agency and going out on my own.

Of course I could go back to the agency at any time – but wouldn’t that mean I failed?


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You need to be heard

This was awesome.  I knew what I was doing and had lived and breathed digital marketing for over 20 plus years. Should be a piece of cake – right?

Instantly I gravitated towards the solopreneur, the small business owner and the one woman show doing everything or trying to themselves.  I met amazing women from all over the world.  Talented, funny, experts in their field.  But they weren’t succeding.   And the worst part was they didn’t know why.  Was it their strategies, their systems or lack of them, time management or the dreaded mindset.

Guess what? It was all of them and the reason I could identify the issue right away was because I had experience it myself.

Each conversation with these women uncovered the cycle of continually investing in courses, scouring the internet for free information,  updating their skills, consuming content to the point where they couldn’t  take in any more.  Waiting for the perfect time to present their offer.

It’s interesting because many of us do this.  Hiding behind these activities so we don’t feel like a failure.  If you’re learning and busy you’re working towards something big, right?



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That was me chasing down the secret sauce or magic potion that would transform me.

But I found out it doesn’t exist.

I finally took a really hard look at how I was working on my business to come to the conclusion I really wasn’t doing anything to move the needle forward.

I easily distracted myself with complicated tasks and it wasn’t until I took steps towards identifying where I currently was and where I wanted to be that I realized what needed to change.

It took time and energy and definitely was very messy but I came out the other side.

I became successful.

You can too.

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Your Turn

You can become successful using your expertise without working 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

There are so many options available for you to help with systems, automations, day to day tasks that will allow you to not only grow your business but scale it too.

Image your business as a well-oiled machine. 

A smooth-running, well organized organization allowing you the freedom to work on your business.  The freedom not to work in your business.

A business set up to scale which of course allows you to scale your life.


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My Philosophy


Teach You Want You Need

Learn the “how to” and focus on what creates growth.  We don’t do busy work – we are productive.


Create Systems at every Step

Systems are just a way to stay organized and scale your business.


Automate the Process

If you do something more than once you need to automate that task into a process.

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Fun Times

Here’s a few guest spots I was happy to participate in with these amazing individuals.