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Add Another Email Address to Gmail

Great BIZ Tip

Transcription from Video

Today i’m going to go over how to add another email address to gmail in your google account. This will help you stay organized by accessing your business and personal email on the same Google account.

I’m going to take a Gmail account which i have used for demoing all this stuff and i’m going to now attach my domain email to that Gmail account. I’ve already signed up for my Gmail account and i’m going to go there and go to the gear box over here to settings.

Gmail Setting Gear
Gmail Setting Gear

Go to “All Settings” and move over to “Accounts and Import“.

  • Click on accounts

You see my Gmail account which is attached to pretty well all my Google properties.

What i want to do is i want to “Add another Mail Account”. Enter the email address you would like to add to the Gmail account. Do not click on “Treat as Alias”. Click on Next Step.

add email gmail

In this window there are two options here and i never use the other option i always import my
emails from my other account so that they’re sitting in Google. I’m not linking using a third party and I’m not even going to look at that. I’m just going to import emails from my other account and
hit next, then need to put in my credentials. Enter the information that will help Google see where my
mail is coming from.

add email gmail settings

Where do i get my mail credentials? I go back to my hosting company and log into there and go to my mail account for this domain.

I’ve used A2 hosting. So far it’s been pretty good. I purchased a three year plan for incredibly super cheap. If you’re gonna buy hosting buy as much as you can because that first shot is when they give you the best deal. After that the renewal always goes up. For me this is a demo site as it’s sitting right now and so i’m not gonna spend a lot of money on it.

I’m going to go to A2 hosting.

  • Go to the CPanel login
  • Scroll down to my email accounts
  • Go to connect devices

It will give me my settings and i’m going to use the ones in the blue which are the secure settings. I’m not going to use the non-ssl settings.

Take that information and add my mail account. Hit next. Now I’m going to import them from
other my other account. Enter my password.

  • Check you settings for incoming server.
  • Not doing port 110 i’m actually doing port 995 because that’s what it says on my manual settings
  • Do not retrieve message on the server
  • I’m not going to leave a copy on the server

If I click on leave on server it will give me an email through gmail so i can always come here and get my email but it will also leave it on the server so that i could actually access it on my a2 hosting server. What that does is it just builds it up and you have to clear it. I don’t want my email to have a take time away from me. I want it to be able to come into the mailbox whichever one i’m using and then when i’m finished with it i’m either deleting archive or doing something with it so i’m not going to leave a copy on my server.

  • I’m alway going to use a Secure connection
  • Going to label my incoming messages
  • Not archive the incoming message
  • Click on add account

Now i can get um anything that is sent from hello @ It will come to this gmail account but i also want to send my mail as Rather than it coming from a Gmail account. Just looks a bit more professional.

I’m going add my information but not have my email address “treat as an alias”. I want this to be a completely separate account so i’m gonna go Next Step.

Do the exact same thing that we just did and put in username and password. We are going to use a secured connection. Check our port number and add my account.

You see congratulations we successfully located your other server and verified your credentials

I can now either go in and click on the link in the confirmation email or enter and verify the confirmation code. Enter verification code and hit verify.

Now I can send email as my Gmail account or i can send it as hello @ and I’ll also receive all emails hello @ and also at this point can say when replying to a message. Rather than default to the Gmail account we can make it default to hello @

Now everything through this Gmail account will be as if it’s through my domain and anything going to my gmail account is going to come in here. Anything going to hello @ is going to come in here and i’m just going to feel very organized and happy.