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Gmail Tips To Boost Your Email Efficiently – Have More Time

Boost Efficiently

Transcription from Video

Feeling overwhelmed with your email account? Today I’m going through 5 Gmail tips to boost your email efficiently and take control of your inbox.

This will keep you organized and productive allowing you more time to concentrate on growing your business.

These tips have helped me be way more efficient in my daily routine.

Customize our Gmail inbox

Tip # 1 we’re going to customize our inbox and the first thing we’re going to do is to:

  • Go up to the gearbox
  • Click on settings

We have a couple of choices here – choose to make this the density or the way it appears to look different that’s “compact comfortable”. It’s just a little bit more space. We can also pick a theme at this point.

Gmail Tips To Boost Your Email Efficiently

A this point we also can go through the inbox and start to customize it here. I want all my important information first and all my important emails at the top. Everything else at the bottom. Other options is having my unread first or my starred first.

Another option is to control my priority inbox with options. For example I can show up to 25 items or show up to 50. Another quick tip with your inbox tabs. They are defaulted to Primary, Social and Promotions but you can change these. The other thing about tabs is you can drag and drop them when you’re trying to move your email rather than going in and clicking to move.

gmail settings

That’s a little bit of the configuration but we’re going to do a bit more and go to:

  • See all settings
  • Go into inbox
  • Go down to enable reading pane

When I do this we have a different look to our inbox. We now have my email on the right side and my email list on the left side. I can go through my emails and see them and it’s a view that some people are used.

The other option is that right now I have everything in the conversation view.

  • Go to see all my settings
  • Go under conversation view
  • Turn it off

When I do that the conversations would not be threaded (grouped) together.

gmail general settings

Controlling Your Email

Tip #2 is controlling our email. It comes in and what do we want to happen with it? Here’s some of the things we can do with our email:

  • First compose a email
  • One of the options is the way I send it
    • Send this right now or
    • Schedule it for later. Just clicking on the drop down, schedule send and then pick a time I think would be most appropriate or I can even go and pick a date and time if the options weren’t what I was looking for.
  • The other option is to go into confidential mode by clicking on the little lock.
    • What this does is if I have any sensitive information I can send it to someone but also set a time when they no longer have access to it.
    • It can expire in a week or I can pick different times.
    • What happens is the person I send it to can’t forward it and they can’t download any attachments. If you wanted to you could actually put in a password or passcode on it that they would have to use. This is really good for sensitive information
google confidentail mode

Another one we’re going to use is Templates. We need to go into the advanced tab in our settings to turn or to enable templates.

Right now I have a message and maybe this message is something that I frequently send out so why wouldn’t I just create a template?

  • Go down here to more options
  • Template
  • Save draft as template
  • Go to save as new
  • Enter a name for it that would make sense.

Now when I go to templates I have a template. If I wanted to actually have that exact same template I go to more options – template and it’s there. This is great if you have a core message that you send to people and then you just tweak it to make it work for whoever you’re sending it to. Deleting is pretty simple – more options you go to templates and then you just delete the template.

google email template

For the other options we need to actually go back into our General Settings up at the gear. Click on settings and go to show send an archive button. What that does is when I send an email it just automatically goes into my all mail afterwards, and it’s archived. It’s good for you if want to clean up your inbox as you’re not actually deleting the emails they’re just being moved to all mail.

send and archive gmail

We’re also going to make sure that we have our smart compose on so that it gives us writing suggestions. If you actually put on personalization it will start to learn your style. We would want that on.

We’re just going to go back to our inbox and make sure you guys know that you can snooze email conversations. Say that you don’t want to deal with this right now but deal with it this weekend and it will come back up on the date I put. It will pop up “hey do you still want to look at this” and you can deal with it then. It just declutters your inbox.

One more tip is blocking emails. You can block an user and then you wouldn’t get any more emails from them.

If you can’t take advantage of these tips because you haven’t set up your Google account check out my video tutorial on how to.

set up google

Efficiently Finding what You’re Looking For

Tip #3 Efficiently finding what you’re looking for with searching.

There’s a lot of operators you can use to search but if you wanted to do it by date you could hit before (or after) and colon in the search bar and then put in a date. It would show you all the email before that particular date.

Go in the advanced search and look using any of the following:

  • “from”
  • if the email “has certain words”
  • the date
  • or if you know that you’ve put it in some category

That’s always another option but I find searching for date really helps me.

gmail to google drive

Organizing your time

Tip #4 Organizing your time can be done easily. Go to the side panel and click on calendar.

One of the things I can do while having this open is go to my to-do list or my tasks. I can start adding things to my task list. One of the things I could do is add my email.

If this email came in I can edit and put it as a task. When I wanted to deal with this on the 28th, I go back to my calendar, to the 28th. You can see here’s a little to do and it’s in my task. It shows whether it been completed or not. You can also view the related email and when I click on it, it would take me right back to that particular email which is a super efficient.

google keyboard shortcuts

Productivity Features

Tip #5 is productivity features. One of the productivity features is that you can save to Google Drive. When you get an invoice, PDF or an image you can just add it to your drive by clicking on the little google drive icon.

Another great thing about Google Gmail is it will translate any of your emails. Click on the email and then to the 3 dots on the top right. Choose Translate message from the dropdown. It will translate it into the language of your choice.

You can do keyboard shortcuts. Just have to hit shift plus question mark and you can get all the keyboard shortcuts.

You can also see them if you go into settings. Make sure that you have custom keyboard shortcuts enabled in order to actually use them. If you already use keyboard shortcuts and you wanted to change them just go to keyboard shortcuts in settings and you can customize these to make them more of what you’re used to.

The last thing would be to go to the offline. Make sure you enable offline mail and you can use Gmail offline. You can show how many days you want to store the emails. What will happen when you’re back online is your emails will all be sent out. If you want to use this feature make sure to have Gmail open before you go offline .

Those are the five tips to being more productive. You’ll be able to focus on your business and if you need help getting your business online download my Getting your Business Online Guide in the side panel.