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How to Add Admin on Facebook Business Page Super Easy!

Video Transcription

How to Add Admin to Facebook Page

Learn how to add admin of Facebook Business Page and go over page roles, and this is where you’re able to invite other users to help manage your page. If you need help creating a Facebook Business Page check out this video.

To access page roles is simple, you go to settings and scroll down to page roles we click on page roles, and now we have the existing people that are part of this page.

In the photo above you will see an screenshot taken from my page displaying my page roles, which is myself. When you create a page you automatically become it’s admin, this means you have full access to all features and settings on a page and the ability to assign roles to other people.

Now I can actually add more people to manage this page. There’s multiple different roles such as, editor, moderator, advertiser, and analyst. The highest authority is admin, and they have all the powers.

How to Add Admin on Facebook Business Page

Facebook Page Roles

For a quick overview these are the page roles:

  • As I said the Admin role gives people total access to make changes to your page.
  • The Editor, role can do everything but manage page roles and settings.
  • Moderators, can send messages and respond to comments on the page.
  • The Advertiser’s role can only create ads and view insights.
  • The Analyst role lets people see insight and who’s published on the page.

If you forget what each role does there’s a nice little help message under each that shows you exactly what they can and cannot do.

facebook assign page role

Next, we’re going to enter an email or a name of someone that already has a Facebook account. If the person you want to manage your page doesn’t have a Facebook account they’ll need to create one that’s the only way they can manage a page.

We’re going to enter a email or a username that is attached to their Facebook account.

I’m going to add that person to my Facebook page and I am going to make him an editor.

However, I could easily add them as an Admin if I wanted to. You will have to put in your password in order to do this and hit submit and now it shows that they has been invited as an Editor.

The status is pending you could cancel the invitation at this point if you wanted to. You could also assign multiple people to your page.

Just make sure that you are comfortable with the roles that they will have on your page, remember the person you add will need to accept the invitation before they can help you manage your page.

facebook editor page role

Once I refresh the page I can see he accepted the invitation and is showing up as an editor. If I want I can go and change his role to an Admin and click save, put in your password again. The user is now an Admin and could go in and add new users or remove me.

I can remove him by clicking on remove and it will give me a pop-up. In case the user had scheduled some posts, Facebook would want to let me know that they can either be deleted or transferred over to me.

Click on confirm and now the user is no longer associated to with this page.

You now know how to add admin to Facebook Page and in any type of role including. If you want to check out How to see Followers on Facebook Business Page.

If you want to learn more about setting up or optimizing your page check out the Facebook business page setup guide I provided below.