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Instagram Story Editing Repurpose Highlights into Reels 1 Tap

Video Transcription

Instagram Story Editing

In this video, I’m going to show you to take your Instagram story highlights and convert them into Instagram reels.

Now here in this video I’m showing you how once I learned about this new feature on Instagram, I just went and did a quick convert of my story highlights to Reel without any type of editing and it still looked great!

However, I think this is an amazing opportunity to repurpose your content, and if you actually have a little bit of strategy and plan beforehand, you could be creating stories knowing full well that they are going to be part of a story highlight that you’re going to convert into reels.

When you’re thinking about the stories you do, continue on how you’ve been doing them, but also start to add stories that you know will work well together and that can be converted into a particular style of reel.

That’s one way of doing it, where you literally would just create a highlight that you know would be going to be converted into reel.

And then when you wanted to convert it, you could add or edit or remove some of the actual clips that are in the story highlights.

As I mentioned, you can just tap on the convert to reels and your story highlights would be converted.

Instagram Stories to Reel

But I’m going to just show you step by step here how you can do it where you’re changing the music and adding or editing your clips and the captions.
So here we go.
First we’re going to go

  • to our Instagram app and then we’re going to choose one of our highlights.
  • Now go to the bottom to the three dots and where it says more.
  • And we’re going to click on Convert to Reel.
Instagram Story Editing Convert to Reels

Audio in Reels

Now we’re going to pick our song:

  • We can use the suggested audio
  • We can search for audio
  • Or we can go in our saved audio

Find whatever audio we want to use within this Reel and choose your audio. Or like I said, you can keep it with what Instagram has suggested.

Clips in Reels

Now we’re going to click the arrow and we can choose to adjust the clips length, or we could decide to reorder the clips.

We could also add some more video to the this existing reel by just clicking on our camera
and tapping the record button.

And as you can see now, this is the way the reel will look.

Reel converted from stories

This isn’t the best looking reel, but you get the point.

Reels Special Effects

We can put special effects on it.

  • Add stickers to it- dates, emojis, mentions, fun looking ones
  • Add captions or text
  • Use the draw tool

Exactly the same as how we do any type of Reel. Make any changes and then click on next when you’re finished.

We just need to write our caption, and then we can either crop the profile image that Instagram has suggested, adjust it from the actual video, or pick one from our camera roll.

Don’t forget to tag people, add our location and we can either save this to edit it later, or we can write our caption now and your hashtags and then shared as a Reel and publish.

That’s all there is to it.

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