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Twitter Header Template

Professional Twitter Channel Art

Transcription from Video

Create your Twitter channel art effortlessly. I’m going to walk you through two different ways of creating your channel art. One using the Free twitter header templates.

The other option is to use the free templates in the online program I will be using.

If you’re struggling to create your brand look and feel check out the free options at the end to help you with that.

I’m going to walk you through how to create the header/banner/cover for your Twitter
profile and your actual profile pic. One of the things you should always remember is this picture will be visible on your profile, your news feed and all references to twitter or when you tweet.

Twitter Header Template

On the other hand your cover photo will only be seen if someone actually goes to your profile page. Add something that represents you or your business well.

Go to the free graphic editor Photopea and start by opening up the template that we provided. Open the header template which is 1500 by 500 and what Twitter suggests. We show you where the cropped area are on the top and at the bottom which is about 60 pixels high and you want to make sure that you don’t put any really important information in those areas.

twitter header template 1

We’ve put a profile picture area and you can see where your information is going to be displayed once you’ve uploaded it to Twitter.

I’m going to recreate the header below in Photopea.

  • go under file
  • go to open and place
  • select your image
photopea add image

As you can see the layer is right on top of template and that’s because the little icon (the eye) is active. If I unclick it it’s no longer active.

If I wanted to move the image I just brought in around I would just make sure to have the move tool selected and was the layer was active and i would just move it around.

Now I’m going to go back to the swirl layer and I’m going to make it active.

photopea add image layer
  • go up to edit
  • go fill
  • pick a color
  • Choose the swatches on the left hand side
    • if I choose foreground it will pick the front color
    • if I choose background it will pick the back color
  • Choose custom
    • make my own color by clicking and picking out a color or
    • creating a color or
    • grabbing a color from the color code

I’m just going to choose the color black and hit okay. I now have the start of my header and going to create a selection and add a box that will give me this little DIY digital marketing feature part of the graphic.

  • add a new layer
  • go to the bottom – new layer
  • Select rectangle and i’m going to go within this grid and create a box
  • i’m taking into consideration that the top 60 pixels and the bottom 60 pixels may be cropped on certain devices and that the profile picture is going to sit here
  • If I put this feature box right there i know i’m in a safe zone
  • I’ve created a new layer and selected a particular area
  • now I’m going to fill that area with a color and I can either go with colors from the foreground or background which are represented on the left side swatches (the gray & white black that’s already there) which you can change or choose a custom color
  • I’m now going to put also a bit lighter than black I want some opacity and i’m going to hit ok and now i have a feature box
photopea add image layer opacity
  • Now i’m just going to add a little border to it so i’m going to select modify border
  • Put 10 pixels and now you’ll see that i have a little extra 10 pixels
  • Let’s fill that selection with white and that’s going to be 100
  • Now I have my white border which may be a little thick but that’s okay
  • Click deselect
  • Go to my text tool the big T and add some text
  • Click on the “t” or type tool
  • I’m going to double click to and it automatically creates a new layer
  • Choose the right font
    • Go to the font and then make sure you have the right size and the right color.
    • Click on color swatch to change colors and this changes
    • Enter your text
    • Double click to grab it all and just bring up the font size
photopea add image layer add

If you want move the text click on the move tool. Now I’m going to go back to the text tool, double click it again and bring down the font size to make sure it fits properly.

  • Add one more layer using the text tool.
  • Change the color

You can see we have created a Twitter Cover image.

Go to file export as a jpeg and upload your Twitter Header.

photopea add image add

If you don’t want to create your own you can use one of the templates that Photopea provides. Go to New and go down to the left at the very bottom. Choose a twitter header which will be 1500 by 500 pixels. Pick any of these templates. They have options you can filter out. For example just symbols or photos. All you do is select the option you want and you have the template.

free photo twitter templates

In order to change it all you need to do is go and

  • Click on background
  • click on info click on properties
  • color fill and choose the color you would like and you then have the a different background
  • for the border top if you go and put push the arrow down
  • go down to the sticks you can start changing the colors here as well and you see I can to the layer pink and you start to see all the different changes you can do.
  • Change the font -click on active layer
    • make sure you select your text tool
    • double click it and choose the font you would like whether it’s regular bold and the size
    • do the same for the top part double click choose your font or keep your font
    • choose your color

You’ve changed your Twitter header to however you’d like. By grabbing one of the templates its just a little quicker than doing it yourself. Export it the same as what i showed you before.

free photo twitter

For your profile pic, open the profile template and again we bring it in at 400 by 400px.

As mentioned already I suggests using either a picture of yourself that represents you or your logo.

twitter profile pic

I’m going to bring in an mage and go to the move tool.

  • Click the edit tool
  • go to transform scale
    • their will be little handles and I’m going to my keyboard and hit the arrow key
    • bring it out as far as I want that looks like a good profile picture
    • Click outside the box this would be your profile pic for your Twitter account
  • Go file export save as a jpeg
  • Upload it to your twitter account

If you forgot how to do that you just go edit profile, click your profile picture and click on the little camera in the circle. Add upload your photo. Do the same thing if you’re adding your cover photo.

adding twitter pic

Remember is the file sizes as well. If it’s a profile picture, it’s 2 megs if it’s a Cover image it’s 5megs. If you want to add images to your Twitter timeline we’ve got that available too in our template.

As you start to create your digital assets photos and imagery can become very expensive along with backgrounds textures even swirls like I showed you earlier. A free option for your graphic needs and it’s called unsplash and the images are copyright free. You will be able to use them for commercial use but always check the license as licensing changes all the time.

free photo resource

There’s just a couple of things regarding branding. If you have your logo and have your branding started or you’re well into your branding great if not a couple of things you can do is you can go figure out your colors yes your colors and your font.

A couple more free tools are:

Adobe color which starts to make a palette for you.

Another option is Coolors, go to Coolers and you generate some colors. Go through the tutorial and it can help you start to hone into the colors you’re looking for for your branding.

You’ll also want to figure out your fonts and one of the things is you don’t want a ton of fonts. The fonts should be consistent in all your branding and you shouldn’t have 10 different fonts depending on what type of promotional material you’re using whether online or offline. Go to Fontjoy and start with one and then generate font combinations. That’s all there is to it.

free font resource