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Connect Instagram to Facebook Page

Video Transcription

Connect Instagram to Facebook Page

Looking to post from Instagram to your Facebook business page. In this video, I show you the quickest way to connect Instagram to Facebook page.

Hi, my name is Traci and welcome back to my channel where I break down digital marketing for the small business owner and entrepreneurs.

My mission is to simplify the steps to growing your business online, allowing you to create more time to lead a balanced business life. If this is the type of content you want to watch. Make sure to subscribe to my digital marketing YouTube channel for more videos.

Let’s get started.

In order to post from Instagram to Facebook, you will need a:

  • Facebook account
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram account – either a business account or creator account

If you’re not sure about setting all of that up or wondering if you should even have a Facebook business page, check out the guide where I show you in more detail and talk about the benefits. However the bottom line is you should have both as a small business or solopreneur.

Otherwise, if you have all three, you’re set to go.

Now, why you’re doing this is to claim your brand in another way on Facebook by adding a business page to your account and sharing content to your potential customers.

However, you don’t have to double your work because you can post everything on Instagram and share it to your Facebook page at the same time.

Steps to Connecting Instagram to Facebook Page

Go to the Instagram account.

  • Go to edit profile.
  • Scroll down to Profile Information
  • Where it shows page you can connect or create a new page.
  • Click on create page
  • Click on existing page and choose page
  • Click done to exit out
  • Click done to exit out of edit profile

Instagram to Facebook Page

And there we are. We’re all set up.

And now when I do a post, I can share it to the Facebook business page. It will just actually automatically share there.

You can toggle that off if you don’t want to share this particular post or you can keep it on.

The other thing I can do is create a story, and this story would go to a Facebook Business Page as well. Now this story is on my Instagram story and my Facebook business page story.

And that’s it.

Share Instagram Story to Facebook

Disconnect Instagram to Facebook Page

  • We go and we edit profile.
  • You’ll see that I have the page connected. That means this Instagram account, which is a professional account, is linked to a business page, not a personal profile.
  • I can either disconnect this page or I can change this page that this connection is to, or it can create a new page.
  • So I’m going to disconnect the page
  • Now I do not have a page to this Instagram account
  • I can’t post to Instagram and automatically have some stuff go over to my Facebook page.


What you need is a Facebook account which enables you to create a Facebook business page, an Instagram account that is a professional, whether business or creator account and connect the two.

Now you’re a little bit more efficient in your digital marketing and you can make sure post are shared amongst the two platforms.

And that’s it.  Were done. That’s how we Connect Instagram to Facebook Business Page. If you need more information subscribe to my email list or use the link below to schedule a call and I highly suggest you watch the next video regarding digital marketing.