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Digital Marketing for Beginners 8 Essentials Areas

Video Transcript

Digital Marketing for Beginners ☑️ 8 Essentials Areas

In this post I’m covering the crucial components of digital marketing for beginners you’re going to need to know in order to build a successful business. I’ll show you all the pieces so you don’t get caught spending your time in one area and missing out on opportunities in the other.

By knowing each part and how they help other, you will be taking the first steps to creating the foundation to your online marketing strategy and a plan for your business that will help you grow consistently and efficiently.

Digital Marketing Components

If you own a business you need to understand the components that make up digital marketing whether you’re doing it yourself or you’re hiring someone to do it for you.

You might not use all of them at the start of your business, but as you grow take the time to learn what you need and when.

In today’s post, we’re getting an overview of each piece of the digital marketing puzzle, remember this is an overview not an extensive video about each area of digital marketing. If you want me to do a video on a specific area just tell me in the comments below

I also have a bonus for you which will help you clarify your business digital marketing message so make sure to read till the very end. You might want to take notes so grab a pen and lets do this.

What is Digital Marketing?

As noted in the title of the post this is Digital Marketing for beginners so lets start with what digital marketing is. BTW digital marketing and online marketing are the same thing. Now most people think digital marketing is social media and although social media is a part of your marketing there’s so much more to digital marketing than just social media.

It’s the marketing you will do for your business online and It’s really is any type of marketing you do online, on the internet, to promote your products or services and it changes all the time. There’s always another new online platforms, tools, software, social media channel and they come out faster than you can possibly imagine but the fundamentals are still there.

You’re marketing a service or product that provides value or a solution to solve either a need, want or pain point in your customer life.

What is Digital Marketing

If you have a business you could use any or all, which is what I would, do of the following components of digital marketing to get your product or service in front of your potential customer.

So what am I talking about? Simply put we have:

Your content – all you the stuff that represents you online,

Traffic which is potential customers or users coming to your content and

Conversion, which is when that traffic does what you want them to do

Like purchase your product, sign up for your course, click on your link.

Lets dive a little deeper. In no particular order.

Email Marketing


The first one I’m going to talk about is email marketing and email marketing still is at this point in time very important to your digital marketing strategy. Why its so important is you own those email addresses.

Your are not at the mercy of a social media platform that could decide the fate of your social media account.

If someone has given you their email you’re able to send them information about your products and services and as a bonus you can actually take that email and use them in other platforms to get things like lookalike audiences or find other potential customers similar to the ones in your email list.

If you’ve done your research on your customers this is golden

Although you can connect directly with your customers on social platforms the benefit of email marketing is:

  • More people use email several time a day,
  • You’re not at the mercy of changing algorithms on social platforms,
  • The user has shown interest in your product or service.

Which makes an email list still one of the best ways to market to customers.

I know so many clients who put all their efforts on their social platforms and do not have an email list of all their followers or even some of their followers. It’s a missed opportunity, please make sure you’re always gathering email or having the option for a potential customer to give you their email. Right from the start.



Another piece of your digital marketing could be SEO or search engine optimization this is considered organic search and this is where you don’t pay for for ads on search engines like Google.

Instead you do things on your site and off your site to drive traffic to your online property most likely your website. That’s considered free traffic, however, keep in mind you do need to do things to your website in order to get that traffic to your site and if you’re not sure what you’re doing it can take a lot of work and time.

Remember your time is valuable and so you should be attaching a price to it.

There is some basic SEO you should always be doing to your website even if its not your main strategy. I would always put out every page with some form of optimization because why not use that to your advantage.



Now if you wanted to do paid advertising that would be PPC paid per click. Which is paid traffic and you see that a lot with Google ads on top of the SERP or search engine results page.

But you can also buy a traffic on Facebook and Instagram. Most online platforms have some form or version of paid advertising.
But most people refer to PPC as a Google option but do keep in mind it’s just paid advertising on these online platforms.

Lead Generation


Next we have what’s called lead generation and a lead is potentially your next customer. They can be a hot lead, a lukewarm lead, a cold lead and depending on where they are in knowing about your service and product and how likely they are to contact or purchase something from you to determines what category they’re in.

But everyone starts as a lead.

Your duty as a digital marketer for your business is to capture information about that lead in order for you to have direct communication with them.

We want their name and their email address. Maybe depending on what type of company we are we might want more things like where do they live, their hobbies, the demographics of our potential customers.

Demographic describes who we are as an individuals such as education, age, income thinks like that.

My strategy is just get their email. Once you have their e-mail there are way of gathering that other information.

Now if you can get more information that’s great but I wouldn’t worry myself trying to get the perfect lead generation form and capturing every single piece of information about this lead because one that can drive them off when you ask for so much information right off the bat.

Most times just asking for their email and giving them something of value for it is enough to get them to become part of your community.

Now that you have their email they would be added to your email list. The thing you gave them of value to get that email address, sometimes called an opt-in, freebie, lead magnet, would be part of your content marketing which I’ll talk about next.

Content Marketing


Your content marketing is anything you create, publish and distribute online. It’s where you choose the content such as an article on your website, post on your social media, video on YouTube, create it and then you’re going to get it out there for people to see you as the authority and expert in your industry and someone they Trust.

When you have what some referred to as EAT , Expertise, Authority and Trust it’s more likely people will become your customer.
You use content marketing for your users to consume and if you get it right you will be targeting your potential customers, not everyone.

Again when we say content it can be anything you put on line that represents you and your brand. Social media post, e-book, webinars, your Instagram reels, podcast, it could be what we refer to as a landing page.

The key point of content marketing is to provide valuable, relevant and consistent content to your audience.

Ask yourself that when coming up with your content.

Conversion Optimization


Now with content marketing we also have conversion optimization and this is where you improve your content or pieces of your content or campaign to get your users to perform a desired action, such as clicking on a link, adding to shopping cart in your online store, things like that.

If your not sure what a campaign is that is when we put forth a strategic plan to promote a specific goal on behalf of our company or brand.

So conversion optimization is when you keep optimizing, you keep doing small tweaks to your content, maybe changing the text, or an image, to give your user the best experience which make them convert into customer.

For instance if someone is watching your Instagram reel to the end your conversion rate optimization percentage is much better and you have a better chance of them actually seeking you out or engaging with your content than if they scroll by, see you’re reel and don’t even watch it.

We can find out that type of information with Analytics.



Analytics is where we define all that information, measuring the performance of our content, tracking the details or finding out what path a user took.

We want to see what we’ve done and we want to monitor it and then either can continue to do the stuff that’s bringing results or make changes to make sure that our users are taking the actions we want them to take.

Some tools for this could be:

  • Google Analytics for you website
  • Account insights for Instagram
  • Post Analytics for LinkedIn
  • Pinterest Analytics.

Remember conversion optimization – we can use our analytics to see where we need to tweak our content.

If you want to setup Google Analytics you will need a Google Account and you can check out my video here where I show you how to setup a Google Account.

Social Media


And another piece of your digital marketing is of course social media marketing and that is when we leverage social platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, with our content – post, reels, videos to get followers engaging, sharing and saving our posts.

Then eventually getting customers to connect with you directly.

So that’s the overview of digital marketing and all the components within it. There are more areas within each component but these cover the basics and I will delve deeper into it each piece of them in other video so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification button to see them.

If you are a content creator a small business or solopreneur you need to be aware of all these pieces and then choose your strategy based on that information.

For example many of my clients use Facebook as their platform of choice and they create content and distributed it through Facebook or Facebook groups. It’s completely Free and that the start of the lead gen for their business.

Remember as you grow, you can scale your business by layering the marketing components on top of each and then scale your marketing using automation.

Are you still reading? Remember I mentioned a bonus. Well here it is.

Digital Marketing is great BUT marketing will be really hard if you haven’t done the basics market research:

  • Why does your company exists and what uniqueness does it provide?
  • What’s your niche – what area in your industry do you specialized in?
  • Determine who you are serving sometimes call your target audience or Ideal Client Avatar – you need to know your customer.
  • Your Product and the value you’re offering along with the specific problem you are solving.
  • Your Competitors, who are you up against and where are they succeeding or having problems?

All this information will help you succeed with your digital marketing because you’ve done the heavy lifting first and not just randomly putting out content or positioning your product or service in a way that doesn’t’ make sense or connect with your customer.

I’ve created a completely free workbook to help you gain clarity with the essential steps check out the link below to download it.

Next, make sure to check out this video where I get you to think about 5 things you should think about regarding your online business. Which I think will help you a lot.

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