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How to Set Up Google Account

Keep your Business Organized with Google

Transcription from Video

In this video I do a quick tutorial on how to set up

Google account which include a Gmail account and 15 gigs of storage so let’s get to work

We’re going to start by going to and clicking on Sign In to create an account. You have a choice

For Myself or Manage my Business

Go to Manage my Business and at this point you actually can either put a username or you can use your current email address. If we had already set up a domain name you could put in that email address however, we’re not going to do that. We’re going to set up a strictly a Gmail account. Enter the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • User name for Gmail
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Verification code
  • Birth Date
  • Gender
  • Phone number (optional)

You can personalize this information and accept their terms. You then have a Google account which you can manage regarding your personal information as well as 15 GB’s of account storage.

Take the time to start looking at your personal information and how Google manages your data and your security. With a Google account we can start creating things that are going to help us organize our information all in one

You can start with the password you created for this Google account. Just go to the Google Drive and click on the + sign and create a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to access it on any of your devices.


Once you’re in Google mail you can finish setting up your new account by clicking on the Google account big blue button or you can look around in the Gmail area.

If you go up to the top right there’s a gear with settings and if you want to see all your settings regarding your Gmail this is the place. I also have another video on adding an 2nd email account to Gmail if you need that option.

How to Find your Google  Apps

Benefits & Features

Vacation Responder: you could put in a text so when someone emails you they would actually have an automatic reply saying you were out of the office out of town

Autocorrect, Spelling & Grammar are all good options to have on. These are all really good to make your emails more professional.

UNDO Send comes in super handy when you send something and realize you forgot to add some information or it was to the wrong person or it was anything like that and you want to recall that email. You can go to undo send you configure it for up to 30 seconds and you have 30 seconds to recall that email. A little message will come at the bottom of your Gmail for 30 seconds where you can click on undo and it will not send that email .