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Digital Marketing Overwhelm 3 Steps to Attack it!

Video Transcription

Are you feeling Digital Marketing Overwhelm?

Digital marketing overwhelm is a real thing.

Are you a small business owner and you’re feeling overloaded or overwhelmed on how to do digital marketing? Do you try to do everything all at once or you’re not sure where you should start?  Or it just feels out of control? 

In this video I have a number of tips to help organize your digital marketing.  My name is Traci and my goal is to make your life a little easier while you grow your business online. If these are the type of videos you like, make sure to subscribe to my channel so I know to make more. 

Getting your business online is more than just social media accounts and depending on your business some online assets are more important than others. 

By working through a step-by-step process to attack your digital marketing needs you’ll become organized and be able to prioritize your online assets and make them work for you. 

I’m going to break this out into four primary steps to help you get the most out of your time and I think these will work really well for you.

Digital Marketing Overwhelm


This is a big one because this really either sets you up for success or if you’re not committed you will have some issues.

I want you to allocate a minimum of two hours a day to digital marketing, if you can do four hours that would be fantastic but life does get in the way so if you could put aside at least two hours a day Monday to Friday or five days a week to commit to digital marketing you’re going to set yourself up really well and that feeling of being overwhelmed is going to start to disappear. 

We’re now going to make sure that we have a space where we can go where we’re not going to be disturbed, we’re not going to be interrupted, we’re going to have uninterrupted focus.

This is great training for your brain to stay focused on what you’re doing and if you stay committed to this it will help you in other areas of your business.  When you want to get down to something you’re training your brain to just stay focused on one task for a set amount of time. 

To make that happen we’re gonna shut off everything

When you’re working on this make sure you’re focused only on the task at hand without distractions or interruptions. 

Let your co-workers or your family know not to disturb you, I know that can be hard,  from when you start until when you’re finished or the deadline is reached shut everything else out. 

If you’re working on a computer, shut off your email, any social media, get your phone in the other room unless you’re going to use it for your work.  You’re going to turn off all your notifications and anything else that might distract you. 

When you allow yourself to be interrupted or distracted your brain needs to reset to try and get back into that focused zone on what you were working on and this will use up all your time that you’ve allocated to your digital marketing. 

You won’t see the progress you hope for then you’ll just not feel very good and it will just start that whole cycle again, so make sure you’re not allowing anyone to interrupt you. 

For the final step while you’re setting up is make sure you have a big jug of water because you want to stay hydrated while you’re working your brain out on these digital marketing tasks.


Now we’re going to go to the next big step where we examine, we’re going to evaluate what you’ve already done. 

If you have any type of metrics like google analytics, your google search console any of your social media analytics, any google paid ad analytics, and don’t let the metrics intimidate you. 

These are a gold mine of information that’s going to help grow your business online.

If you don’t have any metrics that’s okay because that could potentially be part of one of your first goals in your digital marketing is to make sure that you have all those analytics set up or that you’re actually going and grabbing that information and doing something with it. 

So now while we’re doing our evaluation we’re going to set our overall digital marketing goal for our business and you can have multiple goals.

The difference is we’re only going to focus on one and get that done and then move on to the next one. 

This is where you decide on what is most important for your business right now

  • Are you looking for brand awareness?
  • Growth with your followers?
  • Lead generation? 
  • Do you want to send more emails or you want to even get an email out? 
  • Want to run ads on google or other social platforms?
  • Think about what type of conversions.
  • Whether you want responses to emails.
  • Do you want to be on top of google search?

These are all great goals but we’re only going to pick one to start off with. 

Eventually we want to get these all done but for this exercise we’re doing we’re picking one overall goal

Then you’re going to decide how you’re going to do this? 

Are you going to do this yourself, you’re going to do this in-house or are you going to outsource it?  Hire a VA,  which is a virtual assistant. Digital marketing is very easy to understand but can be challenging to execute, there are so many moving parts. 

If you’re doing this yourself make sure to review your goals and determine how much time you can allot to this while running your business as this can be a huge task. 

You may choose just to outsource it to an agency which is perfectly fine as well.

During this part of the steps we really want to get clear on what your business is,  have a very clear insight on what it is and be able to describe it in one sentence. 

For instance mine could be “I help overwhelm business owners who are struggling to establish an online marketing foundation through a simplified step-by-step process so they can finally feel empowered, informed and in control of their online business”. 

That is very clear that I wouldn’t be offering my services to business owners who have all their systems in place, it wouldn’t make sense.  I’m very clear of what type of services and what I can do for my customers. 

You need to get back to knowing or you’re very aware of it and you just want to make sure you emphasize that and how you help and provide for your customers in your own unique way. 

What goes hand in hand in that is how you’re presenting your company online

Is it corporate, is it fun, do you have your look and feel established, the tone of everything, overall the branding of it. 

It’s also a good time to just touch with how your company stands out and does it really represent the vision you had when you started it because as you’re doing this digital marketing you are presenting to the world so make sure you’re happy with how it’s being presented and it really reflects what you think the business should be. 

Of course now we want to make sure that we understand who we’re selling to and this is where we can go back to our analytics and see who is buying our products or services. 

Otherwise if you just started out check out who your competitors are and see who they’re going after and that should help you figure out exactly who you’re selling to.

Another thing you need to look at is what’s your budget? This decides on how you move forward unless you’re doing everything on your own.

If you are doing everything on your own make sure to document all the effort you put in so you have a good idea of the time spent.  Also by documenting what you’re doing you’ll have the start of your SOP,  your standard operating procedures which you can give to the person taking over when you do decide to outsource any of the tasks.  Let me know in the comments below if you’re going to do this yourself or you think you will be outsourcing this either to an agency or a VA.  We’re now on to Step three where we’re going to establish and execute. 


The first thing we’re going to do is pick a strategy.

In step one we picked our overall business digital marketing goal and now you’re going to decide on the strategy to accomplish that business goal. 

If your overall business goal is to be at the top of google search then you may want to concentrate on SEO or search engine optimization to get traffic to your website as your strategy. 

It could be the UX for conversions or you can be looking to set up your first set of Google ads. 

You can be focusing on a social platform, it could be email marketing, remember this is just to get you from feeling overloaded. 

Once we get one area going we can layer our foundation and add other options. 

Now we’re going to take our strategy and break it into tactics or smaller achievable steps. 

digital marketing tech tools

For instance if you want to overhaul your website maybe your tactic is to update your photos or write new product descriptions. 

Now that you have your goal let’s devise a plan.

List all the tactics you need to do in order to have this goal completed.  Once you’ve broken it down it may look something like this:

  • Main digital marketing goal for your business is to get more people on your email list
  • Strategy is to create an Instagram account where you offer a free giveaway so potential customers will sign up to your email list. 
  • Our smaller steps or tactics would go like this: 
    • We have to set up the Instagram account
    • Create the free opt-in
    • Set up our email platform

Now that we have a list of items we have to complete we can determine what tech we need and what we need in order to accomplish our goal. 

There are a ton of great free apps and software out there that can really help you with any of this stuff. 

Also there’s quite a few amazing paid tools, but the last thing you want to do is be all pumped up and not have those tools on hand. 

Now we’re going to go back to our list and pick one of the items to work on. This will help you accomplish all the moving parts within your goal.  It should be one that has an end state.  If this is something that’s going to take multiple days to accomplish try breaking it down further so you can do it in the time you’ve given yourself. 

To recap we had our big main goal, then our strategy, then our tactics and now we’re organizing all the items into tasks that are very achievable and that we can do within a couple of hours. 

So what does that look like? 

If we continue on with the same example:

  • Set up the Instagram account
    • But within that we’re going to have to determine the look and feel so all the content has a consistent look. 
    • We’re going to have to create the account
    • Create content that is text based
    • Create content that is image based
    • Add watermarks to our photos
    • Create a hashtag list,
    • Create a bio that has a proper link in it and
    • We’re going to need to schedule the content

So all of those are separate little tasks that we need to address and those should be done within that two to four hour limit that you have allotted to your digital marketing. 

A side note to that is while you’re doing your smaller tasks see if there’s anything that you can batch. In creating an Instagram account, we don’t want to just create one photo and one post we want to create a batch of them.

When you’re working on your photos, create more than just one, create 30 days of work so that you actually have content that will last you for 30 days and you can just schedule it out.

Our last step is review, we’re going to repeat,  recycle and repurpose.  Once you get a handle on one of your digital marketing goals you’ll see how the system works. 

If you determine the main goal, the strategy, how you’re going to do it and each task and you allot that two-hour time every day Monday to Friday, you’ll see how much progress you’ll get, where you understand the content you need to create. 

Whether it’s a blog post or Instagram story.  We can move on to your next goal and eventually we will be repurposing and recycling our content across different platforms that will give a cohesive look and feel and everything will be optimized and all pointing to growing your business and revenue. 

Stay consistent. 

Make sure you’ve created a plan that will allow you to stay consistent as well as adding other goals onto your digital marketing strategy and this is all within that two hours Monday to Friday.

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re asking what about the other stuff, the email marketing, the remarketing, the retargeting it doesn’t matter because if you’re overwhelmed you’ll just dabble all over the place. 

You won’t move your business forward.  You’ll get frustrated and you’ll feel like you’re spinning your wheels. 

Remember it’s like riding a bike or learning how to snowboard you’re not flipping through the air right at the start but you add all the skills on top of the ones already built.

This is what we’re doing,  this is your digital marketing foundation.  If you’re not sure where to start with your goals then focus on changes that will have the greatest impact on customer touch points. 

* It could be navigating your website, or product images or descriptions.

* Maybe a welcome email series or segmenting your email list.

* Or it could be purchasing off your social media platforms.

Figure out where the customers might be slipping through the cracks.

If  you need more help you can grab my Guide below and make sure you get all aspects of getting your business online covered. 

Otherwise that’s it and I thank you for watching and if you like the video give it a thumbs up, share with your friends,  be sure to subscribe to my channel, hit the notification button to get notified when I upload a new video.

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