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Secret to Grow Your Business – 3 Simple Steps

Video Transcription

Grow Your Business

In this video I’m telling you the secret to growing your business online that no one is talking about.  

Although creating content and posting it online helps your business become more visible to your potential customer it’s not the focus of today’s topic.  

Hi my name is Traci and welcome back to my channel where I break down digital marketing for the small business owner and entrepreneurs.  

My mission is to simplify the steps to  growing your business online allowing you to create more time to lead a balanced business life.  

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Lets get started. 

The secret I’m talking I’m talking about to grow your business is 3 different things

  • Systems or Process 
  • Templates
  • Automation

If you start your digital marketing with these 3 things in mind you will be able to grow your business much easier than without.  

Also in this video I’m only talking about the digital marketing aspect but if you take these 3 items and add them to your business operations you are going to be blown away by how much easier it is to work your business.

And I know a lot of people don’t want to hear about systems and templates and automation because for some reason they think it going to be super hard and they know they need to put the time up front in order to set them up, but if you create systems for as much as you can in your business and  create template for anything you do more than once, and automate as much as possible you have just saved yourself a ton of time along with less stress.  

And of course  we want you to be successful but we can also start creating habits in our business the makes it balanced as well.  This way you have lifestyle and a business that completely supports it.

Now I’m not going into super in depth but this video will get you started on your journey of making digital marketing easier and give you ideas on how to really take your brand to the next level with these 3 things.


Let’s start with automation. You may be asking why automation and its because your business now runs 24/7 and since the pandemic and businesses moving online at the fastest pace I’ve ever seen you need to get your business working for you online

Automation is built on the foundation of your marketing where you have really dialed into understanding your customer, the product or service you’re providing and how you transform your customers with your solution.

You know where your customers are, whether its:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • or another platforms

And what type of content they want to see . Now we can automate parts of our digital marketing.

Grow your Business with Email Automation

Email automation is probably the most common automation people think of when you say automation.  It’s hand free and you have set up your system to automate the touch points with your lead/customer.

We pair Email Automation with some form of automated Sales Funnel. Don’t freak out it just where you customer is in knowing about you and your products or services.  

With a funnel we map out that the steps that were taken in order for a customer to go from learning about you to an actual  customer

Let’s say you know your potential customers are active on Instagram and you know what type of content they like. The automation could look like this

The Sales Funnel start with: 

  • Your Reels show up the discover page
  • It catches the eye of a potential customer
  • They check out your profile and even decide to follow you OR maybe not but continue to explore your feed.  
  • They like what they see and decide to sign up for your Freebie using the link on your profile or even the link in your stories.
  • Part of the funnel would be where you send them to maybe a landing page which clearly communicates what you’re about and of course a form to enter their email address.   
  • Now at this point our Freebie should be something of value that they would like.
  • The Freebie is automatically sent to them once they provide the email address.
  • Which of course enters them into your email automation sequence.

You now start taking them from someone that doesn’t know you to an entire campaign where you send email automatically talking about the very thing you’re an expert at and they’re seeking.

This email sequence is set up to send out after a specific amount of time, could be 24 hours, 3 days whatever you choose and can be as many emails as you want, this is what we would call a drip campaign. There is a definite strategy behind these emails campaigns but that for another video.  

Now you can leave it at that and invite them to your offer or you can make your email automation  more complex and based on what they do send different emails through segmentation and triggers. 

Grow Your Business

Now they’re on your email list and you can continue to bring them value, let them know about your offers etc.

All completely automated without you doing anything once this initial automation has been setup.

Your job then would involve looking at the analytics and see how your funnel & email sequence is performing, then tweaking it as needed.  This is where you really understand your business and analyze the activities that are bringing in the most revenue and adjust your funnel to focus on those.

Never think you automation as set it and forget it rather more of a hands free tool that you check in with periodically.

Communicating with Your Customer Using Automation

Now keeping with Email automation you could also automate how you communicate once your lead turns into a customer.

  • You could setup different campaigns within your email automation to create better customer service,
  • How to use the products they purchased video series
  • Request a testimonial from them. 

Other emails could be:

  • Reminder email
  • Reengagement emails.
  • You could make sure you emails are being sent when your customer doesn’t complete their purchase and then a follow up a few days later just to remind them that product still here. 

Automate Text Messages

Also you don’t just have to automate email you could also automate text message with real time  responses to provide users with a better experience.  Or offers deals, coupons and other special offers.

Scheduling Apps for Automation

Another excellent automation is scheduling apps. Where your customers find a date and time to talk to you on their terms.  

Once they sign up for a call:

  • Your notified of the appointment on your calendar,
  • They’re sent a web conferencing or phone number link or location of your office depending on what you choose. 
  • Reminders are sent to them about the upcoming call as it come closer to the date

Again all hands off.

Now just because it automated doesn’t mean it isn’t personal.  I actually think it;s the opposite since you are communicating with your customer efficiently and effectively providing them with what they want and freeing up your time to concentrate on the business.

In the case of the scheduling app you could have questions setup for them to answer before the appointment or send the some files that would help with the call.

Other Ways of Automating to Grow Your Business

Another form of automation could include invoicing which isn’t directly digital marketing but kinda the reason you’re doing the marketing in the first place so why not automate it and make sure this task isn’t falling through the cracks.

Other ways of automating your digital marketing could be setting up a form to ask questions regarding feedback from your customer, which then feeds their email into your email platform and enters the answers to the question into a Google spreadsheet.  

Of course scheduling all  of you social media, or even making sure when you go Live on a platform it distributes your Live video on a bunch of other social platforms at the same time.  

The possibilities are endless.  

We just need to start at the beginning and identify what we need to do to make the most of our current situation. If your still watching I really hope you take the time to set this up because the difference it will make is huge.

We also have two friends of automation – process and templates.  


Regardless of what you do document how you do it by recording your screen as you takes the steps to complete the task.  I capture the audio always and  talk through the steps so I can transcribe the video later. 

Which I then turn into a PDF with the step by step instructions to accompany the video.  

Now when you want to delegate a task you have all the steps to do it and in the way you want it done. 

And make sure to house all the recordings in a cloud base storage service.  I use Google for my storage and there’s a link above if you want to know how to set it up 

What your doing is building up the SOP (standard operating procedures)  for the digital marketing of your business.  A vault of how to run your digital marketing.


And last but not least is templates.  Every time you create something that you will create again make a template.  Simple as that.  

For instance this video will be edited in a project file that is a template.  

  • The format settings are already setup and because I pull out snippets for social platforms from the video those sequences are there too. 
  • All the digital assets like the Instagram logo, the subscribe buttons, end screens, are already there as well as the social media graphic that go with the snippets.  
  • Music track has already been added and I decide during the editing process whether it stays or not as well as my favourite sound effects.

I’m not scrambling looking for any of the items that go into the video.  And guess what – there is a process for researching this video and distributing it!

Remember you don’t have to start with a complex systems and we want to create the systems that work for you.  

How to Get Started

But it you wanted  to start today lets just do the following:

  • Write down everything you do in your business. And how long it takes
  • Then start sorting it out into categories – perhaps, marketing, operations, finances
  • Create a systems of folders on Google drive or you storage of choice with the categories.
  • Now pick a task that you would like to either now or in the future get off your plate.
  • Put aside some time and start documenting how you do this task step by step. I would use Google Docs so I would create a step by process along with screenshots.
  • Review the document and see if there are any steps that could be removed if you had a template.  
  • If yes then create a new document
    • with how to create the template step by step and
    • how to use the template, step by step.
  • Then review and see if there any part of the task that could be automated?  You guess it – document how its automated.

And if you really want to see how good you are – get a friend to review and see if they could  complete the task.  If they have any questions just tweak the document to answer them.

Also this can be done over time but the faster you get this completed the more time you’ll have, your business will run more efficiently and those little things won’t fall through the cracks.

Each business has its own unique way of working but there are some standard systems, templates and automations available.  Also it can be a daunting task if you don’t know what is available to systematize and automate or the way to prioritize what you need to do next as you grow your business rather than trying to do it all. 

If you need more information check out use the link below to schedule a call.