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Instagram LIVE Video How to Schedule Ahead Of Time – 6 Easy Steps

Video Transcript

Instagram LIVE Video How to Schedule 📆 Ahead of Time

In this post I’m going to show you how you can schedule your Instagram LIVE, how you can practice your Instagram LIVE and how you can notify your followers that you have an Instagram LIVE coming up.

Using LIVE video is the perfect way to get to know your audience but what’s even better is your audience learning more about you.

Trying to make the connection through text can be harder where with the video it’s a lot easier to make that connection faster. Right away either they like you or they don’t. Which is what you want. You can’t be everything to every body.

Instagram LIVE scheduling steps:

  • Click on the plus at the top of the screen
  • Go to Live
  • Click on Schedule
  • Add your Title
  • Add your Start Time
  • Click on Schedule
Add Instagram Scheduled Live
Go IG LIve
Schedule LIve
Add Tittle and Date
Share Instagram

Instagram Live Promotion

Now we want to share this event as a post to promote it. If you don’t have your image ready you have the option to share later.

  • Add your event image to the post.
  • A prompt will come up showing you that the time will be included in the post and we need to click on ok.
  • Click next
  • Decide if you want to add a filter or not
  • Click next
  • Write a caption or tag people
  • You can see what time your going LIVE and now can share the post to your feed

This is great but we’re not just going to share it as a post to our grid we now want to make sure that we also highlight it in our story.

We’re going to create a story like we normally do and we’re going to use one of our graphics that promote our live event.

Lets add the sticker “scheduled” and share it to our story.

Now when someone sees our story they will see the scheduled event and if they actually click on that link it will show them more details of the actual live event.

A prompt will come asking if they wanted to be notified and to turn on their notifications.

An excellent way to promote your live event even more!

Practice Live

Now if you wanted to practice your Instagram LIVE just go back to the live and click on the little broadcast icon.

When the audience prompts comes up choose practice mode. You will be put into the practice mode of Instagram live and you can see how things work in LIVE.

You have the option of practicing with other people and how it would be speaking to your audience. This would be a great time to check out your lighting and background. Get comfortable with all the options.

At the end of your practice choose whether you want to discard that video or actually share it.

Cancel Scheduled IG LIVE

Now if you want to cancel the schedule LIVE just go back to the LIVE option. Click on the schedule and there’s your scheduled event.

Edit it and cancel this event.

Remove all post or stories if you decide to delete this event right away.

Otherwise if you’ve promoted your event for a few days, I would suggest creating a new post or story telling your followers you need to cancel this event.

Add Call to Action to Instagram LIVE

Don’t forget to offer your audience a valuable freebie during your LIVE and capture their email.

If you don’t have that setup yet check out my post showing you how to add an email optin offer.

Or watch creating a landing page to capture email on my channel.


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