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Mailchimp Tips Add Alert Bar to Mailchimp

Transcription from Video

Add alert bar to Mailchimp Campaign.

In this video I’m going to show you how to use the notification bar in Mailchimp. Your notification bar will appear at the bottom of your page and is great to display information regarding the way you track your visitor.

However it can also be used to let your visitor know about special limited time offers.

Start Here

  • Log in to your dashboard.
  • Scroll down to the left to campaign
  • Click on campaign

I’m going to go to an existing campaign and will edit the design but you can add this notification bar right when you’re creating your campaign.

We’re going to edit design we’re going to go to style down to notification bar and we’re going to enable our notification bar and right away you’ll see that the notification bar pops up at the bottom.

We can leave as is or we can “and best practices would be” to link to our privacy policy which we have on our website.

If you don’t have a website that’s fine you don’t have to link to it but if you did you would just add the link by doing the following:

  • Highlight
  • Click on link
  • Add your link
  • Click on “open a new window” and insert

At the bottom there’s now a clickable link to my privacy policy and you just click on save and now.

It will show up at the bottom of this landing page when someone visits the landing page.

This will also let your visitor know that we are potentially tracking them. If you use Google analytics, a Facebook pixel or if you’re using the Mailchimp landing page, you’re tracking your visitors. It’s always best to let them know you’re doing that however we can also use it for something else.

We’ll go back to the notification bar and we’re going take out the privacy policy text and add notification text instead.

Let’s make it bigger.

You can also change the background, something that captures your visitors attention. Something very bright and this will stay up there until they choose to close it.

Just click on save and publish.

Now we have a nice notification bar that will bring attention to your visitors.

If you need to create your Mailchimp account you should check out my video showing you how to do that.