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13 Ways to Use Video Marketing for Business – Conquer the Content

Video Transcript

Video Marketing for Business

In this video I’m talking about Video Content Marketing why its still so relevant and even if you haven’t used video in the past I really want you to know its still a major strategy you need for your business.   Today I’m going to tell you what it is and the different types available use.  

Hi my name is Traci and welcome back to my channel where I break down digital marketing for the small business owner and entrepreneurs.

As a business owner you might feel you don’t need video content but the stat are going to tell you differently.  Here are a few:

People are watching more video online than ever before – in fact the amount of online video they watch has almost doubled since 2018.

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, holding steady from last year. Which means if your not your competitor probably is!

According to WYZOWL,  Explainer videos have seen tremendous success. As well as being the most common ‘goal’ of a marketing video.

An overwhelming majority of people (96%) report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 88% being swayed to make a purchase.

Come on thats gold

If you’re thinking of hopping on the band wagon which I strongly suggest you do here are some type of video you could create as a business or a solo or entrepreneur.

Explainer Video

The first one I would talk about is an Explainer video, which is just a short video used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, your website’s home page,  a prominent product page and again help your audience understand your product or service better.

Many brands use their targeted audience within their explainer video.  They create a fictional journey highlighting the problem the targeted audience is struggling with and how they overcame it with your company’s solution.

Here’s an example using Grammarly:

Video Marketing for Business Explainer Video

Demo Video

The next one you can have is a demo video, which is different from an explainer video because you actually show how your product or service works in the real world rather than showing how it solves a problem.

Some ideas could be, maybe a tour of your software dashboard or taking out a product and actually using it.

Here’s another example showing you the difference:

Demo Video for Video Marketing

Brand Video

Then there’s a brand video which is different from the previous two. This is where you show off who you are, your your skills and expertise as a business.

Perhaps the vision and values of your company all wrapped up nicely in a non salesy story.

You’re building awareness and you’re attracting your target audience. And of course, here’s another example that’s done very well.

Brand Video for Content Marketing

The beauty of the brand video is you can create different videos based on segments within your target audience.

So you’re speaking directly to them about specific service or products you offer.

And what do I mean? Let’s take digital marketing. I could have a brand video regarding Tracey Gurney, the overall brand, but then I could create another video targeting the people within my audience who have shown way more interest in my video stuff.

I’m tailoring my message to resonate specifically with them. Segmentation is another option within digital marketing, and that’s what I would be doing there. But that’s for another video.

Marketing Segmentation

And remember, I’m showing you all the types of videos or most of them available to you, but you would use them depending on your goals and different points of the customer’s journey.

You could also do a SALES video where you highlight the benefits and features of your product or service as well as any objections.

Another one could be a FAQ video where you take all the questions you’ve continually been asked and have it available on your website as a video.

Some other options could be an EVENT video. It looks like events and conferences and summits are happening. So maybe if you have a trade show or your business is hosting an event or you are attending one, create or produce a highlight video showing presentations, interviews, or the social aspects of the event expert.

INTERVIEW videos of someone within your industry is another great option and it actually gives you EXPERTIZE, AUTHORITY and TRUST, which is something that I mentioned in this digital marketing video, and that really helps your customer decide to buy from you.

And we can also do EDUCATIONAL or HOW TO videos where we really build on the foundation we’ve already provided and help our potential customer understand our solutions even better.

You can also create a CASE STUDY video where you go in-depth on how you sold one of your customer’s problems.

Along with case studies, you could also do a TESTIMONIAL video where your customers are telling how your product or service worked out for them, which are always great to have. They really build up trust within your company and for customers looking for your solutions.

You can definitely have fun with this by sending PERSONALIZED videos through text or email, that’s just a little bit more fun with your customer. Or you can do a EMAIL VIDEO SERIES where you drip out video content through email

And of course, there’s LIVE video by going on any of the social platforms and actually going live. And one of the great things about going live is you would record that video and then it’s another piece of content.

Videos for Your Business

Now, they don’t necessarily fall under video marketing, but once you get the hang of it, some other great options for video are

  • Onboarding videos for your client or customer
  • Sales training videos
  • Employee Training
  • Course Content Videos

Now, remember, a content creator and a business owner or solopreneur use videos in a completely different way. I’m not telling you to spend hours a day creating content for social platforms, rather create video content for marketing purposes based on your customer journey.

We can use video for the digital marketing funnel where we create brand awareness, interest, desire, action, and then advocacy.

Digital Marketing Funnel

You can check out my video here where I show you how to create a piece of content and repurpose format and optimize it for different platforms.

We can use one piece of content and create snippets for your social media, as well as using the same content in a number of different ways, such as on your website, a YouTube trailer, a blog post, things like that.

Now there’s lots of other ways to use video content for your marketing, but I just want to touch on some of the high level stuff. So you understood how it can really help your business grow.

Here’s my bonus tip. Your video doesn’t have to be fantastic. If you look at this video, the audio could be better. The lighting could be much better. But I still got a video out to you, and you get a better sense of who I am and whether or not there is a connection.

That’s what video does. It really helps to create that connection or allow your potential customer or client to get to know you that little bit deeper. So if you have a chance, I would tell you now just to start taking video. Get used to video. You don’t have to be on camera, but it definitely helps.

Take small little steps to getting video content incorporated into your small business or solopreneur marketing strategy. Digital marketing is ever changing and we want to make sure we understand it. And then once we understand it, we want to put it into play and then we want to automate it. Also that we’re not spending hours and hours in our business.

I’ve created a completely free workbook to help you gain clarity on your messaging, check out the link below to download it.

Next, make sure to check out this post where I talk about Digital Marketing for Beginners Which I think will help you a lot.

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