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“Clarity to Cash Flow”

How To Tutorials & Tips Every Week that will help you Create & Organize your Digital Assets and Properties

about traci

I’m Traci

Looking for help in the online space. Then look no more. I teach entrepreneurs, like you, the essential Tech needed for your business online. The Tech that will keep you organized and marketing your business efficiently and effectively.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients get the most out of their time and use the marketing tools available today to create, distribute and market the Digital Assets needed for successful Digital Marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your company and grow your business.

So what do you think? Let’s get to work



Is to understand your where you need to focus to grow your business.

Teach You “How To”

Learn the “how to” behind the software and marketing tools needed to grow your business.

Not to Waste Time

Focus on what will create growth don’t just work on something for the sake of working on something.

Get it Done Now

Start right now! Work on your business in a consistent way to make it the success you know it can be.

Automate the Process

If you do something more than once you need to automate that task into a process.

Explore Your Awesomeness

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Weekly “How To” Tutorials & Tips.
Create Digital Marketing Material for Your Brand
Create Digital Marketing Materials for Your Brand | 2 Ways

Create digital marketing materials easily even with limited resources. Begin marketing your company…

Connect Instagram to Facebook Page
Connect Instagram to Facebook Page

Connect Instagram to Facebook page easily. When you link your Instagram professional account to your…

SEO for Social Media
SEO For Social Media Do This First

Use SEO for your social media accounts and repurpose the keyword research you're already doing-Insta…

Digital Marketing Business
Digital Marketing Channel

Digital marketing business channel for small biz and entrepreneurs. I break down digital marketing f…

Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing Maximize Your Content

The following process creates 1 piece of content for multiple platforms. Exposing your brand to more…

Instagram Story Editing
Instagram Story Editing Repurpose Highlights into Reels 1 Tap

Easy way to repurpose your content. Convert your Instagram Story Highlights into Instagram Reels.

LinkedIn Profile Pic
LinkedIn Profile Pic | Use Video

In this short video I’m going to show you how to make your LinkedIn Profile Picture stand out by usi…

Mailchimp Tips Add Alert Bar
Mailchimp Tips Add Alert Bar to Mailchimp

Mailchimp allows you to add an alert bar to your email campaigns. Use it for time sensitive notific…

How to Add Contacts to Mailchimp
Mailchimp Tips Add Contacts to Mailchimp

In this Tutorial I show you how to add an individual contact or bulk upload a file and import of you…

Create Mailchimp Account Easily
Create Mailchimp Account – Easy How To!

Create a Mailchimp account in order to automate your email list building. Use the analytics to assi…