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Hey, I’m Traci Gurney.  I’ll teach you how to


Transform Your Online Presence into Profits



Working on your business BUT having a real hard time knowing what to do next to grow it online?  Tired of spending as much as your making to get sales? Don’t worry I’ve got your back….

you don’t know…

What you don’t know.  Building a business is hard. Building a profitable online business is even harder.

Everyone said just take action, do it messy, manifest your outcomes. ALL TRUE

But come on, they seemed to have forgotten to mention you still need to have a step by step plan to maximize your time in order to grow your business online.  You need to know all the elements you’re playing with, the big picture not just one aspect.



Your Own Roadmap to Online Digital Dominance


As a small business owner, adding how to market online to your list of to-do’s is the last thing you have time to take on.  YOU’RE BUSY in  your business and now you have to become a digital marketing expert?

Even trying to hire someone becomes a struggle as you piece together what you think you need. 

Someone mentioned:

  • you have to be on TikTok,
  • another said the last thing you need is a website
  • but then another said you have to have a funnel to your website
  • but your friend said just sell on Instagram.

What about all this content creation?  Do I post once a day, a week a hour?  When am I going to have time to create this content AND actually run my business?

Is anyone even seeing me?  If I don’t have customers how do I create a thriving biz that’s profitable?

What if it was just all laid out for you?  Prioritized with what you need each step.  


Step by Step plan

What if you could look into the future and:

  • Your business is thriving and making money without you working 24/7
  • You know exactly what you need to focus on in order to grow your business and create revenue
  • Your sales machine is mapped out with each area prioritized in the right order to scale your business


What if everything is laid out and you can make informed decisions regarding:

  • What areas within your business could be automated and set up to run themselves
  • Implementing a blueprint you could follow along knowing the end goal and each step to get you there
  • Choosing the platforms and properties that work for your business and create wealth for your company


Profitable Process

Let’s make your online presence rock this world!

one to one coaching calls


Video Blogs to help grow your online profile

Watch Video Blog

Resources and tools for your online business

Find Awesome Resources


While Creating an Omni-presence footprint online, consistently, 

 As a small business owner your time is so precious.  It’s the one thing you can’t get back.

What if you knew what you needed to do, in what order and what you could let slide because it wasn’t important in the grand scheme of things?  Do you think that would free up your time?

You get to choose how to spend that free time; working on your business, hanging out with your family or just being.

If you’re a digital marketing expert then move on.

BUT if your expertise is your business stop wasting your precious time.

STOP fumbling around with the tech, ever ending content generation, video making hamsterwheel and FOLLOW THE PROCESS.


want to see if i know my stuff?

Lots of  information to help with your growing your business online.

3 things to grow you business now



Create marketing materials or digital assets for your brand or company. These are the basic digital assets you need to represent your brand or company online with a consistent branding look and feel, the voice of your biz.

YouTube Channel for all things online marketing



Business channel for small biz & entrepreneurs. I break down digital marketing for your business. Simplify the steps to growing your business online, allowing you to create more of a balanced business life.

Basic Digital Marketing for you Business

Digital Marketing For Beginners


When you own a business you need to understand the components that make up digital marketing whether you’re doing it yourself or you’re hiring someone to do it for you. 

Use SEO with Your Social Media Accounts



Use SEO for your social media accounts and repurpose the keyword research you’re already doing. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business, Tik Tok and Twitter to name a few.

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