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How to Set Up Twitter Account Expertly

How to Set Up Twitter Account

Transcription from Video

Expertly learn how to Set up Twitter Account for Business. In this video we’re going to set up a Twitter account and make sure we have optimized it to look professional.

Let’s start by going to

Click on the sign up button and putting in our information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number OR
  • Email

I toggle the phone number over to email because i always try to use my email
first rather than my phone number.

We’re going to click Next and then we’re going to see information about customizing your experience which i just skip and do all that at the end when i go through all the settings. At that time I make sure my privacy and security information along with any ad promotion type settings are all customized to the way i like it.

Click Next and you’re going to create your account by hitting the Sign Up button. In order to to make this account valid you’ll be sent a validation code to either your phone number or email, whichever one you choose.

Go to your email or phone and get the code and enter it now. Click Next and enter your password.

This is when you should start organizing the information for your business and or your brand. Where you start collecting all the information and put it in an organized way.

The simplest way for right now, at the start is to sign up for a Google Account and use Google Docs because it’s a free alternative to some of the other programs available.

Start by putting in the information – your username and password, into a password sheet that starts to collect this information. Check out this video if you want to learn How to Setup a Google Account.

First thing they do is they try to get you to put up a profile picture which you really should but I always skip all this information at first and then go back to it.

You may want to put all that information in at the beginning it’s up to you. After you click next it will go to a bio where you should have information regarding what you do.

Again I skip next, just at the beginning to get the account created and then I go back and do the fun stuff. Click next and they’ll have what you’re interested in because what they want to do is populate your feed. You’re going to start using the account and they want to populate your the feed with things you’re interested in. I skip this for now and click on next.

The first screen is what you’re interested in and the second screen is suggestions for you to follow. You’re to to choose which ones you would like to follow again I just hit next.

setup twitter account custom

The last request would be notification settings which again I skip as I want to take a little time and go through all my notification settings to make sure they’re the way I want them to be.

Now you have your twitter account.

The first thing we’re going to do is check our username and if it’s wrong we can change it. How you do this is go up to more and click on settings and privacy.

Twitter takes your first and last name and creates its own username but we want to make sure that our username is the one we want so you go to username and change it. Sometimes you can’t get your username if it’s already taken and you’ll be offered some combination of it with either numbers or the name switched around.

As a business I’d want to make sure it had my business as my username not something else so make sure you check your username first. Remember your username is your Twitter handle and this is how people identify you.

We just have a few more things we’re going to go over and add a couple of items to your channel in order to customize it a little bit more with a profile pic and header or banner. Check out my other video which shows you how to create the graphics for your Twitter account .

Now I’m back at home screen and I’m going to add my profile, my banner and a description. Let’s set up our profile and I’m going to add our profile picture.

setup twitter profile pic

I’m going to click on the little camera and choose a photo. Click open, it shows up and you can crop it depending on the the size of the photo. Then click on apply. If I don’t like it I could click and choose another one.

We’re now we’re going to click on next and there’s my photo. We just have to put a header on and we do exact same thing. You can crop it or move it bigger or smaller.

I’m going to keep it like that because it’s actually 1500 by 500 pixels which is right now what Twitter is suggesting and i also wanted to make sure it’s in the center so that my head is to the left.

Click on next and now I’m going to add my bio. Copy and paste the bio into the description box and you can see I have 146 characters out of 160. and have a little bit more room if I wanted something else but I’m good with that.

Now my profile is updated and if I want to see what it looks like I go to my profile and see it’s showing my bio. There is also a link in there and it shows how many following and how many followers I have. It will start to show my tweets once I start tweeting.

To completely finish it off we’re going to go back to edit your profile and we are going to add a location and your website. I choose not to add my date of birth.

twitter bio

Here are a couple of items that I think are important when you are setting up your Twitter account.

  • Go to the more button
  • Go to settings and privacy
  • Go to privacy and safety
    • by default your Twitter account is public which is great but if you wanted it to be private you would need to click on protect your tweets. What that does is it makes your account private.
  • The other item is location information. Some people might not want their location to be known on their Twitter account
    • You would make sure that this wasn’t checked off

The rest should be you exploring and going through the personalization and notifications yourself.

Also go through and search out who you would like to follow and what interests you.

twitter account settingsjpg

Go through all of this information and really make sure the defaults are how you want them.

The other one area I’d like to check too is your personalization and data. This is how Twitter personalizes the information it provides. I always have it off because I don’t want it personalized.

One last item would be your security and the two-factor authentication settings as this is also a good way to protect your account