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Small Business Marketing Maximize Your Content

Video Transcription

Small Business Marketing

In this video I’m telling you how to maximize the content you creating for your business and not allow any of it to go to waste.

People consume content in different ways and different formats which could be video, or an article or both but if you create one piece of content you can repurpose it among many different online platforms.

And because we know your potential client needs to hear or see your marketing message multiple times before they buy from you why not show them your content in as many different ways as possible. Remember you can keep it fresh and highly consumable.

Hi my name is Traci and welcome back to my channel where I break down digital marketing for the small business owner and entrepreneurs.

My mission is to simplify the steps to  growing your business online allowing you to create more time to lead a balanced business life.  

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Lets get started. 

We know one of the biggest issue in small business marketing is content creation. Getting ideas and then the time to creating content and showing  up consistently. 

So how do you do that if you’re a small business owner or solopreneur struggling already just to look after your business and aren’t in the position to hire another team member to create your content?

Content Creating for Small Business Marketing

Well the following process creates one piece content which you can send out to multiple platforms.

Which then exposes your brand to a lot more potential customers based on their platform choice on and still stay connected to your existing clients by providing valuable content.

Content Strategy

But before you get started I want you to remember that there should be strategy behind your content and we need to take the time to plan out your content and what its going to be about.

Also I’m showing your the end product of your small business marketing where you have everything in place.  What could work really well is to go through the video and see what you can accomplish consistently and then add to it as you get the hang of it.  Don’t spread yourself to thin,

You can start out today  with one piece of really good content that you’re consistent with and layer the other platforms on top of this one piece of content as you build your consistency.

Sometimes If you try to do it all at once and it doesn’t work out then you’re probably just going to stop with the first piece.  So keep that in mind.

However, if you’re one of those people that really wants to get everything done and just figure it out, then, you know, power to you. You can follow this video and you can accomplish that as well, which is actually your end goal.

How I do it is  by creating a variety of:

  • Pillar Content
  • Secondary Supporting Content
  • Trending Topics

Now I’m not going into super in depth but this video will get you started on your journey of making

Great so what does that mean

  1. Pillar content is your core content.  The content that really showcases your expertise, and authority and eventually creates trust.  This is the stuff you can talk about all day long.  
  2. Now a bonus to pillar content is if you can actually make that content evergreen.  And there is actually  are two types of evergreen content.  Number One is true evergreen and really never changes regardless of time or trends  and the second one loses its importance if you don’t bother to update it based on new ways of doing things or the technology.  
  3. Secondary content just supports my pillar content.  For instance if I talk about video marketing for your business like I did in this video marketing for your business video and made it my pillar content I could use this repurpose video content you’re watching right now where I’m showing  you how to repurpose content as a supporting piece of content.  
  4. Other content to create is Trending items and for my business that could be when a new feature comes out on a social platform.  At the beginning it will be something people want to know about but after it becomes more familiar it’s not really going to be searched for or provide as much value.

Now I would create a particular set of content and then I could choose to use that content through either a weekly or monthly theme or a strategy based on content buckets which really is just various topics of your business that all connect in some way.  

Pillar Content is Core Content

So my pillar, secondary and trending content would be themed out by various topics within my business.

But that content would have been researched and validated so you’re not just creating content that won’t make a difference for your business.

Regardless you should have a plan in place for your small business marketing.  Remember I’m a strong believer in creating processes for digital marketing and your content strategy should have a system mapped out.  Check out my video here all about the 3 main items I believe you need in  digital marketing.

So before we repurpose our content we’ve already mapped out our content strategy and researched that it’s actually content our potential customers want to see.

Now if that sounds overwhelming it’s not again when you have a system in place where you’ve planned for this it really creates a difference in your business.

VIDEO Content

Let’s start with our main piece of content. 

Which would be a video and this would be based on your content strategy which might simply be answering any questions your clients continually ask you and you start answering them.

Again it’s more the quality of the content and that you validated people want to hear this.

We start with a video because unfortunately you will have a lot harder time growing your audience and reaching your potential customer without it.

Can you grow your business without video yes definitely but like i said it will be harder. Effective Digital marketing can be hard enough why make it harder?

If the people want video give them video. Actually it’s the platforms that want video since it keeps the user on the platform longer and more engaged.

And if you are starting out with only one piece of content make it video because it allows your potential customers to connect to you much faster.

Now we are going to extract, slice up, convert, transcribe into many other forms of content for the platforms our customers visit.

First Piece of content is our main video which we will use for YouTube.

AUDIO Content

Now we deal with the Audio Portion of our video.

Turn your video into audio just by extracting the audio from your video file.  You now can add it to a podcast hosting site which will distribute it across a bunch of podcast platforms like Apple, Google and Spotify and more.  

We also can upload it to our Facebook Page under the Podcast tab and promote your  Podcast to your Facebook audience

We can then take that same audio and use it in our LinkedIn newsletter on LinkedIn.  

And  we can take snippets of the audio and use them as Soundbites on Facebook or audio Tweet on Twitter.  We can also use this audio on Instagram with a image or animation.

Now I hope your seeing a theme here.  Taking once piece of content and redistributing in the format of the platform. 

Some of the ways to use your extracted audio.

  • Podcast
  • Facebook Podcast
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Soundbites
  • Audio Tweets
  • Audio Grams

VIDEO Snippets

Now were going to look at what more we can do with the Video

How about slicing up our video into Video Snippets or Teasers.

Bite size videos that each have a valuable piece of information that we can share on different social platforms.   

You take key points out of your video and create:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Reels
  • Use the video snippets on Twitter
  • Pinterest Stories
  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Reels
  • LinkedIn Post
  • You can use it on TikTok but I have more information about that at the end of this.

These videos can also be created into a series or guides – each step being a video or each key point being a video as part of the series.  

Remember once you have their attention make sure to use a Call To Action and send them back to either the main video or your freebie or schedule a call page.


Now this is a little extra work but you could go live on your social platforms talking about the key points in your main video and then direct them to your full video or whatever your call to action is.

A neat tip about that is you can actually go live on multiple platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn  at the same time using automation and then even download those lives and repurpose those on your social platforms, but that is for another video.

Stream Live on Multiple Platforms

And then we’re going to extract a 2- 3 minute video for Instagram TV and for our Facebook Group & Facebook Page. 

Perhaps for TikTok since the update allows users to post videos up to 10 minutes now but I haven’t tested whether its effective.

TEXT Content

Were not finished yet.  Let Extract the Text.

Were not going to forget your website. Instead were going to transcribe the video into text and create blog post on your website. 

You’ll need to edit it a bit by adding some headings and images along with a little SEO  optimization. 

You can even embed your video into your blog post along with the written text.

We are now going to create our carousel post for Instagram which we will use on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Break down the information from our video into bite size tips and key points and these are like slides that the user can scroll through and if they like the information will save.   

Which just helps tell these platforms your content is valuable and keep your user engaged.

Add images and captions straight from your video content. Of course you can tweak the copy to make it more LinkedIn “ish” but you get the idea.

Also we can do any type of static Post with the transcribed text from the video – Facebook Post, Instagram. 

Pull out quotes from the text and use them on Instagram or Tweet them out on Twitter.

And remember I got you to add the audio to your LinkedIn newsletter well now you can add the transcribed video to the same article and give the user the option of reading or listening to your content.

You now also have your weekly newsletter you send out to your email list with this content.  Pull out key points and again send them either to your blog post or YouTube video to hear the full video.

Transcribe the text and use it in these ways:

  • Create blog for your website
  • Carousel post for Instagram
  • Reuse Carousel post for LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Static Post for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Quotes for Instagram & Twitter
  • LinkedIn Newsletter
  • Weekly Newsletter to your email list

Remember NOT everyone is following you on the same platforms so why not be out there as much as possible using the content you’ve already created.

BONUS Content Tip

Here’s the bonus tip.  If you want to make sure you have content for all the platforms add it to the schedule when your filming. 

What I mean is if you want to create a TikTok video by editing content from your existing video it probably won’t translate that well.  A YouTube video is not going to convert into a very good TikTok.

But if you plan it before hand you can take the same content your talking about in your main video and refilm it for TikTok at the same time.

Perhaps you film a TikTok for each point of your main video.  Your using the same information however your providing it in a consumable way to the user on that particular platform.  

And if you watched this video about the 3 things every business should be doing you know I’m all about automation, systems and templates

And you see if you had a system in place for you content, templates for all the platforms and automation for distribution you wouldn’t be so bogged down with creating content and getting it out there for your potential customer to see.

This page lets you know the 2 important digital assets you need to create for your brand.

Here a super easy way to convert your Instagram Stories into Reels just to get you started.

And that’s it.  Were done. That’s how we maximize our content with our small business marketing. If you need more information subscribe to my email list or use the link below to schedule a call.